Asian like male, 5’8, fairly average looking prior to the incident.

Now, a scar extends in a lightning bolt shape down his face from the top of his head, through his right eye, to his chin. The skin on his head wouhas a reddish hue to it, like a slight sunburn: a permanent “grenade” tan. The scars are ghostly white.

The top of the right side of his head looks smashed slightly. He has no hair (follicles all burned off), and no right ear (grenaded off). The gash/scar in his chest goes from right shoulder to left hip and is about 2.5 inches wide.

Frequently the scars weep a slight bit of blood. The neck and chest of anything he wears are stained crimson because of it.

He goes around dressed in the burnt rags of his uniform with the animal skin robes he’s had made for him. He knows he looks horrifying, and keeps a hood up at all times.


What the public knows (In character common public knowledge): Sankato Lee Stearhn is a former CSA officer gone rogue. He betrayed his men and country, brutally slaughtering everyone under his command along with dozens of innocent men women and children. Lee is known to be vicious, sadistic, armed, and dangerous. He is accused of many crimes including treason, murder, and rape. He is one of the most wanted criminals for his betrayal of the CSA. From the news: If you see this man, please do not approach him. Do not attempt to apprehend him. Consider him armed and dangerous. If you do see him, immediately contact local law enforcement agencies, or contact the CSA.

The real story: Born Sankato Lee Stearhn to Justice and Franklin Stearhn, Sankato now goes by the name Marvin. He had 2 older brothers, one 5 years older, and the other 2 years older, and a younger sister. His sister was 3 years younger than him. They were best friends, and used to do everything together. Marvin’s family was fairly well to do, and he rarely went without anything he needed. Some of the other children he grew up with were jealous, but for the most part, he was isolated from those who were not in the same social class as his parents. Ever since he was a little boy, Marvin always wanted to be a soldier. As young as he could, Marvin joined the army. His parents and sister were sad to see him go, but were proud that he wanted to serve, as they were loyal to the government. Marvin’s brothers had already left home to go to advanced schooling, and he did not keep in touch with them very well. He wrote them occasionally, and often the family would gather for reunions. He was actually quite skilled at combat, and became fairly well known for his prowess as a soldier. Marvin loved the life of a soldier. It was the first time he had been able to really see the universe for what it was. He met all sorts of people that he never would have otherwise, and killed them. He traveled to new and exciting places that he probably would never have seen otherwise, and destroyed them. He learned to use tools and equipment that most people never see or touch. Marvin was truly in heaven.

Years went by and Marvin ascended the ranks as rapidly as was allowed by rule. Eventually Marvin was a fairly high ranking combat hero. As he got higher in rank, however, he began to grow suspicious of the activities of some of his superiors.

One mission lead Marvin to a part of space he had never been to before. There was a race there he had never seen. His mission was to take his unit, pick up a shipment (of classified contents) and escort it back to base. He had fully intended to complete his mission. Things went wrong. As Marvin and his men were loading the cargo crates, one particularly heavy one dropped and broke open. Inside, there were children! Immediately chaos broke out. The strange aliens were shouting in a language that none pf the men could understand. They had been given a read out that was used to communicate with them, and now no one had any idea what to do. The children were of various races. As soon as the crate broke open, they scrambled. They screamed, shouted, and ran in every direction. The strangers chased after them, also shouting. The squad panicked! They were soldiers, not kidnappers or smugglers! Arguments broke out. Within seconds, everything decayed into shooting. No one is sure who shot first. Marvin thinks that it was one of his men. (He has a particular memory of a soldier they called Animal who was a likely suspect). What happened next was a bloodbath. The children were quickly massacred. The strangers shot them rather than allow them to get away. Marvin’s men retaliated, firing at the strangers, who were also firing at Marvin’s men, who may have fired first at them. There were more of the strangers, and they had far superior firepower, including anti spacecraft land mounted stationary guns.

Marvin was shot several times and the rest of his squad was wiped out. He has only a vague, blurry memory of a grenade of some sort blasting him backwards, and the burning pain. Somehow, mostly in a haze, he crawled back into the ship and managed to take off, dumping the few cargo crates that had been loaded as he did so.

The strangers pursued him into space as the stationary guns pounded his ship. In his wounded state, Marvin could hardly even put up a fight. With his body ruined, and his ship crushed, he headed for a random remote corner of space.

The next thing Marvin remembers is waking up in the butt end of space, lying inside his spacesuit, barely alive. Everything about his ship was destroyed. It was no longer even recognizable as a military transport vessel, it was now only a sand-blasted ball of junk and scrap metal.

Marvin had landed in a canyon, somewhere in a horrible wilderness. For days, he lay in the ship, trying to heal himself with the emergency supplies in the equipment, barely able to keep the bleeding slowed. In three days, his medical supplies were gone. In a week, he ran out of food. He ventured from the ship, sans spacesuit, now having only his burnt rags of a used-to-be uniform. The wild was vast, and especially in his injured condition, he nearly did not make it. He traveled by night and slept by day, hidden in his standard outfit all weather sleeping bag, underneath the earth. He walked for 3 days before reaching a city. His Army training had kept him alive. He had no identification and no money. He wandered the streets searching for help. Soon, he found he had greater troubles. He and his men had been branded traitors to the military. It was all over the news. Apparently someone high up that he had been suspicious of had done this to him. It was obvious now, he had been set up for a fall, so they could get rid of him. There was only one man that could be behind all of this; General Thorston. Marvin knew little about him, but it was clear now that he was up to no good. No good at all. And, of course, smuggling children – also no good.

People of all races ambled the streets. Each of them stared suspiciously at Marvin before hurrying past or away from him.

Finally Marvin collapsed in an alley. Out of food, water, and patience, he faded into unconsciousness.

When Marvin awoke, he was in a tiny room. His feet touched the wall on one end, and his head on the other. There was about a foot from the cot he lay in to the door. The ceiling was low – about 4 foot.

Marvin started to sit up, but reeled back in agony. His head was on fire.

Later, he discovered a young human woman had found and rescued him. Her name was Beth. She was a bar maid at a local cantina. She was blonde, and very cute. She had felt sorry for Marvin, said he reminded her of her brother. Her brother had died long ago in a racing accident, and his name had been Marvin. She liked to call him that. (So Marvin kept the name).

Secrets: Marvin’s in love with Beth, but he does not think she could ever love him, since he is hideous. Many times, his desire for her has got him into fights, defending her from assailants around the cantina.

Marvin misses his family a lot but doesn’t know what to do. He’s outraged at what has happened to him, but he knows he can’t just fly a ship back to headquarters and confront the general. Basically sad, angry and confused, he has been living in the desert, trying to figure out how to proceed with his life.


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