Tales from the Thandon Cluster

A little history

Six years have passed since the destruction of the second Death Star and the fall of the Empire. And while the New Republic is working to rebuild and rein in the chaos, the Corporate Sector has slow to change. The Corporate Sector Authority was never one to play favorites as long as it was profiting, though it did realize that the New Republic as it was would not tolerate its practices for long. This would lead to a number of political overhauls throughout the sector. The biggest revolution was on the planet of Brosi.

Throughout the Galactic Civil War, the Brosin Underground had been openly supported by the Rebel Alliance, although not without some difficulty. Presently, though, with the New Republic needing to work more closely with the CSA, the support has become more clandestine. More political. Due to New Republic positioning, the CSA has significantly reduced their practice of forced labor on Brosi and the working conditions in many of the mining operations have improved dramatically. The local hero, Randle Clanse, was recently elected into a position in the Galactic Senate as a representative of the Brosin people. To many Brosins, it’s a golden age.

Not all is peaceful, though. The more militant members of the Brosin Underground do not trust this sudden change of heart by the Triumvirate. They even go so far as to call Randle a traitor to her people. Along with this, the native Emaru and Trianii settlers are not satisfied with the supposed reparations that have been paid to them following their treatment by the various corporations. Because of this, terrorist attacks still threaten the peace in major cities like Shoengen, Oshac and even Brosi’s capital, Xedi Prime.

The heart of the Brosin Underground was built around disputes over the CSA zinsian mining operations, but two other major companies play significant roles in Brosi’s economy. Trigdale Metallurgy, headquartered in Xedi Prime, is a source of many precious metals and gems found in the mountains. It has struggled since the end of the decadent days of the Empire and the sanctions placed upon its workforce by the New Republic.

The other is Genetec Laboratories. Founded under the rule of Emperor Palpatine and located in the city of Oshac, it is one of the most controversial companies in the Corporate Sector. It produces many genetic enhancements used in medical fields, crop production, and even the creation artificially Force sensitive Meta-Humans. This last bullet is the one of biggest concern to the New Republic. The Empire had planned on using these Meta-Humans in its ranks of Stormtroopers, and the CSA has shown interest in acquiring some for their Security Division. With the Empire in ruins, though, Genetec has offered up their research to the highest bidder.



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