Tales from the Thandon Cluster

Brosin Underground

“In our top story tonight, the Brosin Underground has claimed responsibility for the bombing earlier today that killed three and wounded 18 others,” explained the well dress female news anchor displayed on the bar room screen. “The explosion took place at approximately 0700 hours locale time at Rann Processing Plant. Authorities are still investigating the type of explosives used, but our sources report that there were at least four separate devices…”

“Turn off that Espo propaganda.”

“Shut up, old timer. I’ve got friends in Rann.” A muscled man sitting at the bar glared back at the ragged looking fellow. “We’ve heard your stories plenty of times. The Underground you knew is dead. Now all we have left are these damn terrorists.”

“They weren’t always this way,” the old man muttered, as he took another swig from his mug. “The Underground I knew never would have attacked innocent miners. We were trying to help those folk.”

As he continued to mutter into his beer, the young barmaid wandered over. “It’s okay, Sam. I understand how you feel.”

“Thanks, Beth. You’re a real doll.”



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