Tales from the Thandon Cluster

At the Tavern

It’s early evening, about 5 o’clock. The bar is home to one of its regulars, Marvin, and quite a few other random travelers. Toben, the barkeep, is chatting with Beth and keeping an eye on the 4 people who had separated into two different tables far apart from each other. He was sure it was trouble brewing, but did not want to scare his business away.

Marvin is sitting at the end of the bar closest to the back exit and a large man is standing in the corner by the bar. At the other end of the bar close to the main entrance, is sitting another lone traveler, catlike and suspicious in Toben’s eyes. A man and woman are casually sitting and visiting in the first high top while a lone woman sits at the last high top in the back by the stage. There are two men sitting alone in separate booths, one very nervous looking the other calm. In the back farthest corner booth are two girls looking very much underage and in a booth next to them are 2 more men. While it isn’t a very busy night by any means, there was an unrest in the air.

The two men at the corner of the bar and the girls sitting in the booth notice the glint of CSA badges and the attempted concealment of their weapons. Suddenly the 2 men in the booth and the man and woman from the high top all stand up and Darg, the leader of their group shouts “DAVENRUE, YOU’RE UNDER ARREST! GET UP AND FOLLOW US QUIETLY!”

Marvin, still quick on his feet, stands up and asks “Or what?” His hand is resting on his gun ready to be drawn.

“Shut the hell up or we’ll shoot everyone dead in this bar!”

“What the hell do I care,” Marvin replied smoothly, really not caring except for one life.

Meanwhile Xiao-Xing had started to quietly sneak up towards the man Uri who was next to Darg. Unfortunately for her, Darg sees her coming and points his gun at her as she’s got her Emaru ceremonial dagger pulled up close to his face.

“What do you think YOU’RE doing little girl?” he sneered.

“Let him go,” she said quietly.

“Or what?”

“I may be young, but I’m not one you really want to mess with.”

“YOU, put your weapon down or this barmaid gets it!” Xe’ yells at Marvin.

“Let her go,” Marvin says, keeping that eerie CSA calm about him.

The catlike man reaches under the bar to plant a small explosive device while the large man from the corner of the bar gets up and starts to walk toward Darg.

“This is not the man you want…leave quietly and without harming anyone…” Zae begins to use persuasion on Darg, but Darg is not fooled. At least not 100%.

“Quit using that crap on me, I can see straight through it!” he exclaims, cocking back his gun to show he’s not fooling around anymore. But suddenly he looks quizzically at the man he has accused of being Davenrue and blinks.

Marvin fully draws his weapon to shoot at Xe and incites Vek to fire at Marvin. His shot makes contact with Marvin, who simply shrugs it off. Xe attempts to move closer to the door with Beth the barmaid. In the back of the bar, Uri swings towards Xiao, but is parried away. Darg also fires at Marvin, but completely misses.

“Not that good of a shot, eh?” someone remarks snidely.

Zae takes his throwing daggers and whips one expertly at Darg. It sinks into his jugular, mortally wounding him. Xiao takes her dagger and goes to slash at Uri, who is stunned by her blows. Lakelyn, who before then had sat at her table without moving, has gotten up to join the fight and mortally wounds Uri with her Vibro-Ax. Marvin fires at Xe’ but misses her. The Triani sets the timer and dives over the bar. Vek, seeing that the fight is NOT going down well, runs out the entrance.

3….2….1….BOOOM! Marvin is thrown back into the 2nd high top and Beth lands up hard against the wall and slumps down, unconscious. The bomber escapes out the back exit while everyone gets up from the explosion. While most of the bar patrons are fine, the bar is not.

“Please, please let me go,” says the accused man.

“You’re not going anywhere,” Zae says.

“Why? You’re the one responsible for this whole mess,” Xiao exclaims.

“But I’m NOT Davenrue! I swear!”

“Why should we believe you?”

After bringing Beth to consciousness, Marvin moves closer to the alleged Davenrue. His clothes, while burned and musty, still had the insignia and design of a CSA soldier. Xiao notices this, and tries to hide behind the nervous man’s figure.

“Because I am Davenrue,” states the calm looking man, standing up from his seat at the back of the bar.

“What the hell?

“You all did a very nice job here. I’m impressed with your skills. Who set off the bomb? It was a nice touch.”

The 4 patrons each shrugged their shoulders.

“That’s too bad. I can always make good use of someone knowledgeable in bombs.”

“Well, I’ve worked with the Brosin Underground demolition group,” Xiao offered.

“I suppose that could be helpful.” He seemed to dismiss her entirely.

“I also have some skills in detonation,” piped up Lakelyn.

“On any note, you were all quite impressive tonight and I would like to offer you a job.”

“Do I look like I need a job?” sneered Marvin.

“Well, for those of you who ARE interested, meet me back here tomorrow night.”

There was a murmuring of possible agreement and the real Davenrue walks off.

“Might as well loot these jerks,” Marvin says. There are a few hundred credits on them and some blaster weapons. Zae picks up a weapon and Marvin the credits.

“We should find that jackass who tried to blow us up tonight.”

And with that, the small group disbanded.



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